Are you ready for change?

Do you desire change in your life?

Would you like better awareness and expansion?

Would you know yourself as the divine, infinite, amazing and wonderful being that you truly are?

Would you like to make love your reality? Would you like to feel empowered?

Would you like to create a life of joy and ease? Would you like to become conscious and become love?

During a session we will be using a multitude of different techniques to help bring this to your reality.

This will include Essential oils, Flor Alive flower essences, Access Consciousness, McTimoney bodywork, inner child healing, a self-healing technique from the angels, EFT, muscle testing amongst others to help clear unhealthy, unconscious and conscious beliefs, thoughts and emotions to help bring about the life you desire.

True love is the key that unlocks the doors to the infinite. True love is the answer to the ills of the world. True love is the answer to our manipulation and programing. True love is what we must understand. True love is not just an emotion. It is a dimension, a dimension we must learn exists, as true love is what transcends time and space.

Henry Noel


  • S. Dee

    I took my son to see Sam at 4 months old with reflux and sleeping issues. My son was on reflux medicine but it was not managing to keep on top of the symptoms. The day I took Bodhi home he was like a different baby and I didn’t even remember about the reflux issues until Sam asked me how they had been! He was much calmer and relaxed. The sleeping improved and that night he slept very peacefully and for much longer stretches.

    I found Sam to be very humble and she quickly built a warm relationship with my son. She pays so much attention to detail and is very knowledgeable in her work. I would recommend her services to anyone and I know that my son is much happier because of the work we did with her.

  • D. Smalley

    As police officer and a serious horse rider correct posture and spine alignment are essential for me. After realising that I had problems I started receiving treatment from Sam/Sarah approximately seven years ago. Since that time she has corrected issues and helped me to maintain a strong and straight back & pelvis. She is very professional and has a warm and caring personality. I frequently recommend her to others.

  • J. Van Herpt

    I have used Sarah White (Sam Ostle) to treat my horses for many years now. She uses a gentle method of chiropractic and follows up with emotional clearing and essential oils. The horses love the treatments and always finish relaxed and content. Their work is definitely improved afterwards so you know it works! I can highly recommend Sarah to anyone wanting their horses treated.

  • A. Powell-Thomas

    I started going to Sam (Sarah) for back issues quite a number of years ago. On initial assessment she was very thorough but also welcoming and friendly. Following each treatment I have left feeling relaxed and at ease with my body. I do find Sam is particularly great with Reiki. Prior to her treatments I had never had Reiki before and thus wasn’t sure I believed it to be effective. However I have never felt so relaxed. I would highly recommend Sam. Her treatments I feel are unique to each person which highlights her from many others.

  • S. Brydon

    I first came to Sarah (Sam) a few years ago when my 12 year old dog Bruza became lame. My vet told me it was old age and arthritis and suggested I put him on very expensive pills and injections. I, myself, like to get second opinions so I hunted through Google and I found Sarah (Sam). Bruza needed to go to Sarah for once a week for about a month, then once every couple of weeks then once every few months. The last time Bruza saw Sarah was approx 18 months to 2 years ago before he passed away. Thanks to Sarah my best friend of 15 years, Bruza, lived the last few years of his loyal life pain and medication free. I now take one of my 3 new fur babies to Sarah as well.

  • S. Joyce (Australian Adventurer)

    On a recent holiday to NZ, I attended an Access Bars training session. 

    During the training I had Sarah "run my bars".

    I found this a great experience, and a lot of "stuck" energy was freed up, & my body's healing processes advanced considerably. 

    I highly recommend Sarah's unique ability in "running your bars".

  • N. Edge

    Sam has the most calm, gentle and professional manner.  She has treated myself (rib out), my teenage son (allergies) and my lovely horse (whose poll was out) and every time has corrected the issue while giving us things to take home and work on.  I’ll be back.

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