About Sara Emma

I have been on a journey of self-discovery and expanse for many years. I qualified as a human McTimoney chiropractor in 1995 and as an animal McTimoney chiropractor in 1999. I qualified as an equine aromatherapist in 2015 and Access running the bars in 2018 and I have amalgamated these as well as many emotional release techniques to assist the body, mind and spirit.

In 2016 my soul sent me on a life changing world tour for 14 months. Since returning from this amazing adventure I have changed my name from Sam Ostle, as my soul requested and, after a little encouragement from Spirit, have decided to spread my wings worldwide.

I feel it is one of my life missions to help people and animals expand into greater awareness (ascension), realise who they are i.e. Source and ultimately have a loving relationship with themselves and the all (Source).

I am an animal lover, an avid fan of our beautiful Mother Earth and honoured to be the mother of two beautiful boys, Chris and Alex.

Sarah Emma

‘We are breathing life back into our armoured hearts and unleashing the sacred power of our creativity. Our minds may have forgotten the ways of old but the heart has always remembered the ancient path.’

Terri Morehu excerpt from The Age of Unity

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