Message from Source (God)

A message from Source (God)

I have been asked by Source (God) to pass on a message to help you. The message is that we are all one.

My understanding of this is, but please use your own awareness to see what feels right for you - Even though it is common to feel separate from God and others in our physical body it’s not real. We are not our physical body. That is just a small part of what we are. In reality we are God consciousness and infinite. Source is an infinite being and therefore so are we and everyone and everything is part of this God consciousness so we are all one and the same. This means you are the same as a tree for example. This is what the famous quote from God means, ‘I am that, I am’. God was likening himself/herself to everything.


Sarah Emma
As many times a day as you can look inside yourself and see yourself as white light and tell yourself you are divine and white light. Then see everything around you as white light and feel that you are the same and then feel all the white light as love, yourself included. This is reality, not what you see or experience. That is why you can create what you desire, when you understand who you really are and change your belief system.

A message from Yeshua (Jesus)

The message is ‘Love is the key’. My understanding of this is, but please use your own awareness to see what feels right for you - The whole universe/multiverse is made of Source energy therefore everything has to be made of love as Source is only love. We can experience negative emotions, energies, feelings and thoughts, lack and suffering but it is not real. What we experience is just a holographic image based on our beliefs, our feelings and thoughts and this creates the reality we experience. Imagine you are wearing a virtual reality headset all the time and this life is what you think is real but it is possible to change the programming on this headset so you experience love, joy and abundance as the normal setting. We need to start to listen to our hearts and not our heads. We need to love ourselves and to stop judging ourselves then we can stop judging others and learn to react and respond with love. When we love ourselves and know ourselves as Source we radiate love out. When we love ourselves it opens doors. It is my belief and will therefore become my reality that only love exists and everything else is an illusion. I have had several wonderful experiences, with love, once when I walked outside and I could feel everything as far as I could see was love and secondly when I woke up after sleep I could feel myself as just love and I was floating in love.

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